Petzl - Djinn (2023)

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Exceptionally durable carabiners:These carabiners feature a wide contact surface with the rope and bolt hanger, enhancing rope glide and increasing resistance to wear. Striking a superb balance between functionality, durability, and weight, they weigh only 44 g. Easy to clip and unclip:The large design caters to bigger hands or use with gloves. The Keylock system prevents snagging on gear loops, bolt hangers, or ropes. A straight gate design provides an excellent grip, facilitating easy clipping and unclipping. The large straight gate opening makes the carabiner user-friendly. The bent gate eases the process of clipping the rope. A flat carabiner spine ensures excellent stability when held or pinch-clipped. Available in two versions:Choose between the straight gate (gray) or bent gate (turquoise or violet) versions. Specifications:Material: Aluminum Certifications: CE EN 12275 type B, UIAA

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