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Blue Ice - Choucas Harness

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Brand: Blue Ice

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This is the old model without double back buckle hence the low price.

Easily one of the lightest harnesses on the market, the Blue Ice Choucas is a very specific beast!

Designed for Ski Mountaineering or ultra fast and minimal Alpine trips it's light weight counters any lack in functionality. Two gear loops and attachments for fitting ice screw clippers provide minimal gear storage alongside an innovative ice screw loop to prevent damage to trousers when skinning.

Despite it's stripped down, minimal appearance it is rated for lead climbing and as part of my personal testing I can genuinely say, even with the most minimal of climbing trousers on underneath, it was surprisingly comfortable to take some big lead falls on. I think due to it's great fit you don't find the straps twisting and biting like you do with other minimally padded Alpine harnesses, this coupled with a good width between the legs means everything is free to move as required!

Made of Dyneema means that it is ultra strong yet ultra light, tipping the scales at 170 grams - less than 3 Mars Bars. 

Recently there have been concerns over the buckle coming undone under very specific loading situations and as such Blue Ice have provided the sizing guidelines in the image attached. An oversized harness risks this occurring but despite being very slight of build I am happy to use mine after their successive investigation.


Size Chart:

  Waist  Legs
S 64-84cm 56-66cm
M 74-94cm 60-72cm
L 84-106cm 62-82cm
XL 100-120cm 66-86cm