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Wild Country MK1 Ropeman Ascender

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Brand: Wild Country

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Ropemen are an odd device that initially might not seem that useful or flexible; not as light and simple as a Tibloc and not as easy to handle and efficient as an Ascension. Then you start using one ...


As a simple ascender that securely and reliably bites they are actually really very good, but it's their non-conventional (and non-recommended) uses where they come into their own. Coupled with Reverso style Guide plates they can be incorporated into the system to provide a hoist to a stuck second and whilst simul-climbing (highly non-recommended of course) they can be used to protect the lead climber from a less than elegant tug from the wall in the event the second were to slip.


The MK1 is only recommended for Single ropes due to it's design.