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Grivel - G12

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Brand: Grivel

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G12s are the workhorse Grivel crampons; with a range of fitting options to use front bales or baskets on boots, with or without heel welts and with easy size adjustment they can fit well on most boots (longer crampon bars available for larger sizes). 

With their flat front points they are great for technical ice climbing as well as agreeable on mixed terrain. The front points aren't too obtrusive and so they're good for snow and glacier travel and the photograph to the right shows mine being used for just that on the Icelandic glacier, Snæfellsjökull.

  • New Classics - use basket fittings front and rear
  • Newmatic - Use baskets for fitting at the front but require boots to have a rear welt.
  • Crampomatic - Require boots to have both a front and rear welt 

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