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Edelrid - Python 10mm, TouchTec, 65m

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Brand: Edelrid

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Also see This rope is unusual in two ways, 1./ It's length, and 2./ It's clever finish.

1./ Ropes don't come in 65m lengths, they come:

  • Short at 50m
  • Medium at 60m
  • Long at 70 or 80m.

But why? With cheap flights and more and more people traveling to Europe to climb, 60 and 70m are becoming the most popular lengths. Why then are there not more 65m ropes about? This length would be more than long enough for UK use and will also do most euro sport routes without the extra weight and expense of a 70m rope. If used exclusively for UK use, it also means you can cut the ends of and still have a 60m cragging rope.


2./ This rope uses Edelrid's new "TouchTec" technology. A ribbon is woven into the sheath down the entire length of the rope, how ever at certain points this ribbon changes from an invisible green colour to a black and also becomes rough to the touch, giving a visual and tactile warning that the end of the rope is approaching. This greatly reduces the danger of lowering a climber off the end of the rope. The "Touch Tech" kicks in 5m from the end of the rope, then goes back to normal for the last couple of metres to give you a second warning had you not notices the first one. 

We conducted a very un-scientific test which can be seen in the video below. Pete is lowering me with his eyes shut (ok so I'm running across the room actually) and releases the handle on the belay device when he feels the touch tech running though his hands. It worked straight away. Have a read of Pete's blog post here: Edelrid Python Touch Tech Test.

Diameter 10mm
Weight 64g/m
Sheath Proportion 38%
Number of Falls 7
Impact Force 8.9kN
Dynamic Elongation 33%
Static Elongation 9.1%
Sheath Slippage 0mm