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DMM - Viper Harness Starter Pack, Mens

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Brand: DMM

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A perfect kit to get you started, excluding shoes this is all you are going to need to start climbing indoors.


DMM Viper Harness (3 sizes, S, M or L)
DMM Bug Belay Device
DMM Aero Hms Screwgate

DMM Tube Chalkbag
DMM Chalk Ball

All comes in a neat little bag at a neat price.

Please Note: The colour of the chalkbag and belay device will vary.

Waist Small: 25-31" (64-79cm)
Medium: 30-41" (74-91cm)
Large: 34-41" (97-104cm)
Legs Small: 18-23" (45-58cm)
Medium: 20-25" (50-63cm)
Large: 22-28" (55-70cm)
Weight 365g / 400g / 435g
Leg Loops Adjustable
Gear Loops 5
Floating Waist Padding* Yes
*Padding and waist belt are separate pieces allowing the harness to be fitted symmetrically across the full size range.