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DMM - Renegade 2

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Brand: DMM

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DMM's top of the range unisex harness (there is a women only model too, the Puma)

Super comfortable fit with seven huge gear loops to fit every conceivable piece of gear on your harness when heading off up that long, hard to read onsight!

Waist Small: 25-31" (64-79cm)
Medium: 30-36" (75-91cm)
Large: 34-41" (87-104cm)
Legs Small: 18-23" (45-58cm)
Medium: 20-25" (50-63cm)
Large: 22-28" (55-70cm)
Weight 395g / 415g / 450g
Leg Loops Adjustable
Gear Loops 7
Ice Screw Clipper Slots 4
Floating Waist Padding* Yes
*Padding and waist belt are separate pieces allowing the harness to be fitted symmetrically across the full size range.