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DMM - Big Boa HMS

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Brand: DMM

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Gate Type / Colour
Screwgate / BLT 10 In Stock
Screwgate / Blue
Screwgate / Red
Screwgate / Green
Quicklock / BLT
Locksafe / BLT
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DMM's giant locking 'biner - great for building belays or any other time when you may want to get a couple of clove hitches on a single biner.

DMM Boa from DMM Climbing on Vimeo.

Various gate options are available with screw gates (yellow barrel) being the most popular.

Quick lock (red barrel) is DMM's double action gate, a single twist and the gate is able to open. Lock safe (green barrel) is DMM's most secure, triple action, gate design requiring a twist and lift before the gate is able to move open.