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Dick's Climbing - 9.8mm DRY Climbing Rope

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Brand: Dick's Climbing

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Once again we've had our own climbing rope made! But this one is PINK!

Again we've designed it as a great all round rope. Thin and light, so they handle beautifully but still durable enough to take a beating whilst you're working your project. And with Beal's DRY treatment, much improved  water resistance, abrasion resistance and durability.

This is the best value DRY treated rope you'll find on the market. And there are a range of sizes available to suit all your needs.


We've had the rope is made by Beal, a world leader in producing climbing ropes but still at heart a small family run business.


Diameter 9.8mm
Weight 61g/m
Number of Falls 7
Impact Force 7.5kN
Dynamic Elongation 36%
Static Elongation 8%
Sheath Slippage 0mm