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Dick's Climbing - Orange Spectre 2 Quickdraws

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Brand: DMM

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Next round of limited edition DMM - Spectre 2 quickdraws now in orange and silver with orange tapes since it seems some people don't like green, tut!

The classic DMM Spectre quickdraws but in a more unique colour, perfect for ensuring your kit remains in your possession - well until everyone else realises just how cool they look and buys there own or nabs yours.

The Spectre is the workhouse quickdraw in the DMM range, well priced and lightweight, perfect for Trad, easy to use in winter with gloves and durable and easy enough to clip for use as Sports 'draws too.

Not only are they custom colours they even say where you bought them from on the karabiner!

Packs are available for five of the same or a versatile mixed pack contain 1 x 12cm, 3 x 18cm and 1 x 25cm.