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Climbing Technology - Click Up

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Brand: Climbing Technology

Type: With Screwgate

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The single rope version of the Alpine Up, the CLICK UP is an innovative belay device/descender that uses the HMS connector for braking. It works with dynamic single ropes from 8.9 to 10.5mm.

Developed for sport climbing, it is simple to use and its innovative design has safety features that prevent mistakes.

It’s entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

Here are its main features:

As the CLICK UP has neither mechanism nor lever, it allows you to quickly and fluently feed rope without jamming by simply holding your hands on the rope.

When a fall occurs, you simply pull down the rope with your free hand, thereby allowing the mechanism to lock automatically; the rope is blocked by the connectors going up into the device.

You can unlock the rope and quickly feed it to your partner by pushing up on the CLICK UP, always keeping the free end of the rope in your hand.

Lower your partner is so easy: keep the free end of the rope in your hand and with the other palm slightly push on the CLICK UP.

The final, but most fundamental feature, is in the case of incorrect use.  Should the device be used incorrectly, the CLICK UP continues to allow you to break and lower your partner in complete safety. This is the most appreciated feature, as it avoids several mistakes that can happen during the use of belay devices while climbing, both indoors or outdoors.

It is assembled with hot forged alluminium cheeks, steel breaking supports and plastic parts made of reinforced nylon and weighs only 115 g.

The Click up is available with or without the Climbing Technology belay HMS screwgate. The screwgate has a retailing bar which holds it in place against the belay loop, hence preventing the cross loading.