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Climbing Anchors : 2nd Edition


Brand: Falcon Press Publishing

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"Climbing Anchors : 2nd Edition" by John Long is an easy to understand, and comprehensive guide to placing protection and constructing secure anchors.

Containing advice on how to place and configure solid, secure anchors in a variety of real world climbing situations, this book looks at:

  • natural anchors, belay anchors, toprope anchors, and rappel anchors.
  • passive chocks and mechanical chocks, fixed gear and knots
  • Equalisation of systems, and the true performance of common gear items.

American author - John Long, has a long and impressive career in climbing, pioneering many famous and groundbreaking routes and styles. He has also authored over 40 books - including the definitive beginners guide to climbing 'How to Rock Climb'. He brings his distinctive, concise, and entertaining style to this updated edition of the original, illustrated with more than 100 photos by professional climbing guide and instructor Bob Gaines.