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Camp - Tri-Cam

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Brand: Camp

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Looking rather strange and perhaps insecure, in the right hands these pieces are bomb proof as described by Cailean Harker as he climbed Masters Edge ground up, taking the lob onto one a few times:

"I made it to the shot-holes without much fuss, placed the specially brought tricam, chalked up, shook out and eyed the huge run out! With my feet a couple of meters above the gear I decided I needed to take the lob to calm the nerves. I jumped, stopping barely above the ground but crucially I was not on the ground. It was on!"

0.125 9g 10.0-16.0mm
0.25 19g 13.5-22.0mm
0.5 29g 18.0-27.0mm
1.0 35g 21.0-32.0mm
1.5 49g 26.0-40.0mm
2.0 55g 29.0-45.0mm
2.5 77g 32.0-58.0mm
3.0 90g 38.0-54.0mm
3.5 117g 41.0-60.0mm
4.0 138g 45.0-64.0mm


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