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Black Diamond - Primrose Starter Pack

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Brand: Black Diamond

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Containing everything you need to get climbing on ropes at the climbing centre.

These packs are the perfect pack for anyone who has done a starter course at a climbing wall and needs to buy their own kit to put the skills learnt into action. Despite the low price, the kit is top notch consisting of a really comfortable Momentum harness, with chalk bag and ball, as well as a Black Diamond ATC-XP belay device and karabiner. The ATC-XP is one of the more popular belay devices and one commonly used to teach with since the grooved teeth give a bit more grip when catching a falling climber.


Black Diamond Primrose (3 sizes, S, M or L)
Black Diamond ATC-XP
Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate
Black Diamond Mojo chalk bag (Various Colours)
Black Diamond White Gold Chalk 

Waist Small: 27-30" (69-76cm)
Medium: 30-33" (76-84cm)
Large: 33-36" (84-91cm)
Legs Small: 19-23" (48-58cm)
Medium: 21-25" (53-63cm)
Large: 24-28" (61-71cm)
Weight 350g*
Leg Loops Quick Adjust
Gear Loops 4
*This is the weight for the medium size, Black Diamond doesn't provide the weights for other sizes