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BetaStick Clipstick

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Brand: Beta

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A really versatile clipstick.

Put in draws, put up draws with rope pre cliped, pull down rope leaving the 1st or 2nd draw clipped, clip rope into a quickdraw already in place, clean out of reach holds... What more could you want?

The standard and compact versions also have a belt clip allowing you to easily carry the stick up the route.

The longer versions are perfect for UK use, easily fitting in the boot of a car and doubling as a walking stick on approaches, where as the compact version is perfect for overseas travel, being short enough to fit in hold luggage.

The technical betastick is super compact but perhaps not quite so versatile as it is either up or down, you can not use it half extended as you can with the other sticks.

XL 1.16m - 5.49m

Large 1.15m - 4.57m

Standard 0.83m - 3.66m

Compact 0.69m - 2.74m

Technical 0.54m - 2.65m