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Totem Cams

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Brand: Totem

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0.50 (Black) Currently Unavailable
0.65 (Blue) 4 In Stock
0.80 (Yellow) 6 In Stock
1.00 (Purple) 7 In Stock
1.25 (Green) 13 In Stock
1.50 (Red) 10 In Stock
1.75 (Orange) 14 In Stock
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Four individually loaded cams obtain the excellent grip in a much wider variety of placements.

Diagonal micro-teeth on the cam lobes' frictional surface provide an additional grip and do not affect the logarithmic shape, as deep straight cut teeth can.

Greater holding power in downward flaring cracks.

Loadable on just 2 lobes, to exploit shallow or flared cracks where one or two of the outer lobes cannot establish contact. To load just two lobes connect a biner to the point where the sling joins the cam (recommended for aid only in this configuration).

  • Trigger wires connect directly to cam lobes
  • Internal spring for minimum head width
  • Very flexible body
  • Less walking due to strong springs and excellent flexibility
  • Good expansion range
  • Light, strong, durable

Updated for 2016 with larger 1.80 model in Orange and smaller 0.5 size in Black.

Size Colour Strength Range Weight
0.50 Black 6kN 11.7 - 18.9mm 69g
0.65 Blue 8 kN 13.8 - 22.5mm 75g
0.80 Yellow 9 kN 17 - 27.7mm 83g 
1.00 Purple 10 kN 20.9 - 34.2mm  95g 
1.25 Green 13 kN  25.7 - 42.3mm  109g 
1.50 Red 13 kN 31.6 - 52.2mm 132g
1.80 Orange 13kN 39.7 - 64.2mm 144g