Circus and Aerial Rigging Equipment

Commonly used pieces of equipment for rigging and performance pieces by aerial performers on ropes, silks etc. 

The equipment listed here is more commonly used in Climbing and/or Rope Access work as such some of the descriptions may not explain their use within a Circus/Rigging setting.

In summary:

  • 'Strops' for rigging are listed as 25mm Nylon Slings - these are certified at 30kN i.e. 3 tons at 25mm they are far more practical than wider 50mm strops used historically.
  • DMM Swivels came out recently and their Small version is stronger than Petzl's Large, the over-sized connector eye means that you can still comfortably clip two carabiners to each end and not only that, but for two pounds more, all black 'Tactical' versions are available.
  • Black Diamond Magnetron carabiners are a new style in locking mechanism that uses magnets to ensure quick and secure closure with no chance opening under vibration.
  • Petzl Ball Lock carabiners are a discrete, dark grey, triple-action, locking carabiners for added security. Commonly used on lunge lines.
  • Petzl Oxan are solid, steel, triple action carabiners perfect for rigging where their durability coupled with being black and discrete makes them invaluable.
  • Maillons are the cheapest steel connectors. They come in different shapes and sizes and have endless uses.

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