Quick deal on Edelrid ropes!

Special Offers on Edelrid Ropes - 20% off whilst stocks last!

We've got some great deals available if you're looking for a new rope, if it's workhorse 9.8mm Boa or 10mm Python ...


Alternatively how about a pair of Apus Pro ropes; super skinny, top end dry-treated half ropes - these are what I use for UK Trad and continental Ice and love them, when I've wobbled up a full rope length pitch I really do appreciate how much lighter these are, hanging below me and they're so nice to handle when belaying.


If you're after something skinny as a single rope there's the Swift, at 8.9mm this is getting as close as most people would be happy tying into and trusting it to keep them safe!


Finally if you're after something a bit different have a look at the Parrot ropes, made of the spare yarns on the factory floor, these are each unique, with a wild, colourful speckled appearance.


There you have it, that's a small selection of what's on offer, have a nose through the Rope collection on the website and see what you can snag!



Pete Derrett October 13, 2016 1 tags (show)