Further illumination

Further illumination

In a recent mail shot, we shared some of our head torch range, in doing so we seemed to cause more questions than answer ...

"Do you not do any cheap ones?",  "What the hell is Reactive Lighting?" and whilst not asked, we're going to answer, "Do you have any head torches that make me look like a soldier?" ... Without further ado, here's a bit more enlightenment!

Do Petzl do any cheap and cheerful models? Yes, yes they do! The Tikkina and Tikka are the classic stick on your head style; the £17.20*, 250 Lumen Tikkina is the bare basic model with three levels of white light brightness. The £25.80*, 300 Lumen Tikka ups the technicality and has a red lamp mode as well, to help preserve night vision. Then next step up is the £34.39*, 350 Lumen Actik which has both a wide flood beam and a focussed beam option, more useful for move active ... err ... activities! 

So going back to the red lamp mode, it's generally accepted that Red light is less detrimental to night vision than bright white light and so is popular when standing around in groups not wanting to blind each other. Going back to the,"Do you have any head torches that make me look like a soldier?" tongue in cheek question, we have the following model including Red, Blue and Green. 

Why these other colours?! Well lots of people have lots of differing opinions but the most common for Green is from hunters who insist that it attracts deer and other game and also doesn't deter fish - bit specific ... Another advantage is that Green LEDs tend to have a longer run time but I imagine this is minimal.

Blue light is the more useful one for us in the U.K. as blue light tends not to wash out red contour lines on maps the way Red light does. Blue light makes night navigation far easier. 

We keep the Tactikka +RGB in stock with these three modes (as well as white), at £47.77* it's a discrete 350 Lumen and available in black, desert or camo design.  

Just after White and Red light, but still want a camo or desert design? We have the minimal £28.67*, 300 Lumen Tactikka with basic flood mode - think military Tikka. Alternatively a bit brighter is the £38.22*, 350 Lumen Tactikka+ which is a military styled Actik.  

All of the above torches can have a range of accessories available, some for storage, some for fitting to bikes, helmets etc. The key ones of interest are the below:

• The CORE is a USB Rechargeable battery which can be fitted to the above, replacing the 3AA batteries usually in place. Far more convenient to charge than swapping out little batteries each time and tending to give a little boost in brightness too. 


• The BIKE ADAPT is an adapter to attach to the stem of a bike allowing you to easily use your Petzl headtorch as a bike light.


• The NOCTLIGHT is a novel case with an opaque window that gives a uniform glow when a headtorch is placed on inside, great for use in a tent.


• Finally the SHELL is a more durable case for your head torch with an elasticated loop to attach to a belt or strap. 


I skimmed over it last time but the IKO range are Petzl's latest model, coming in both £68.80*, 500 Lumen IKO Core version and standard £51.60*, 350 Lumen IKO AAA version. Designed as a lightweight running headtorch it could be worn as you'd expect (on your head) or comfortably around the neck and with the battery pack at the rear the balance is much nicer than a front heavy model.

The brightest models we have here are the SWIFT RL models and the SWIFT RL Pro (which comes with an additional focussed beam).

These 900 Lumen beasts can illuminate as much as most people would ever need to and with three brightness levels you don't have to be as bright as the sun.

BUT, The most clever feature is the REACTIVE LIGHTING, what this means is, if you're looking down at the road or closely at a map or across at your friend the brightness of the head torch automatically dims down to a lower level.

This has the dual benefit of not dazzling you, it also conserves battery level quite considerably, as it's not shining at full power non-stop. Whilst sounding geeky, it really is effective and beneficial.

(Fear not though you can turned it to 'Constant Lighting' if you don't like your light levels changing!) 

Finally two novel models which I really like are the TIKKID, the perfect first headtorch for kids, featuring safety strap and low enough light levels to avoid frazzled eyes, perfect for under the sheets reading and the e+LITE emergency lamp which has a battery that Petzl guarantee to last 10 years if unused, perfect for tucking in a bag or first-aid kit for just in case moments.


Need another model that we don't have on the site? Just drop us an email at:

- Pete -

*Prices correct at time of publishing, but may change.