Replacing Gear - Avon & Cheddar Fixed Gear Fund

Donations for my "Avon & Cheddar Fixed Gear Fund" have been coming in thick and fast, thank you very much to everyone who has donated.

The bottleneck now is not cash but the lack of volunteers willing or/and capable of carrying out the work. I feel this is partly because people don't realize that they can get involved so I hope the info here helps clear up how things work and removes barriers to people coming forward.

What is the "Avon & Cheddar Fixed Gear Fund"?

Simple, it is pile of cash which has been collected though donations. You can view the balance here, although there is always money lying in collection pots uncounted (quite a lot in mine currently).

How is it spent?

I use the money to buy gear which I pass on to volunteers to place on the crags. The money buys pegs, bolts, rope for thread, maillons for lower-offs, etc. I sell the gear to the find at my cost price, I do not make any money from this gear. In some cases I have been able to get gear at well below normal trade prices or even free of charge - for this I am very grateful to Mammut, Wild Country and Beyond Hope.

Who can get access to the gear?

Anyone - well almost.

If people are keen to replace gear I don't want to put barriers in the way but there is obviously a lot of trust involved. I trust you to use the gear for it's intended purpose and to bring back what is not needed. I am also trusting you to do a good job of the work.

I am only giving out gear to people I know and I'll want to know what you are going to do with it.

If someone I know reasonably well asks for "A couple of pegs for route X" or "A bit of static rope and a maillon to make a lower off above route y", the answer will probably be yes. If I don't know you I'm afraid I am going to need an introduction from someone.

What is expected of me as a voluntary equip-er?

You are expected to make a decent job of the work, return any unused gear and provide a record of the work you have carried out. That's it.

Anything else I should know?

There are a couple of lengths of static rope owned by the ClimbBristol project which can be made available to volunteers replacing gear at Avon. Contact Martin Crocker for details.

If there is anything else you need to know just pop in for a chat.



Richard Hall November 26, 2013 7 tags (show)