Pricing update

A quick update following my blog post a couple of weeks ago on repricing.

Firstly, it has gone well and I have no plans to reverse the decision in the near future. Web sales are up which was of course the main aim, and I have had no complaints about no longer offering BMC discounts.

One thing I probably didn't make clear enough in the last post though is how I am dealing with price matching.

Under my the old system where everything was by default at SRP, I would often have people ask me to match prices they had found online, and I would usually agree. My last post perhaps gave the impression that from now on "the price is the price". This is not the case - I am still happy to do a bit of bartering and in most cases will match prices you have found elsewhere - but the likely hood is that I will now probably be pretty close to the better prices you can find online anyway.

I would rather sell you something at a reduced margin than have you buy it elsewhere so don't be afraid to ask - I won't be shy about saying no if I don't think it is worth my while so don't feel guilt about asking.

Richard Hall November 01, 2013 7 tags (show)