Check your nuts - Wild Country Rock Recall

After a recent failure Wild Country have carried out extensive testing on over 17,000 Rocks. A very small proportion of certain batch codes were found to be failing at below the Rock's rated strength. As a result Wild Country have moved production back to the UK and are recalling all product made in the Far East.

Please check your Rock's for the following batch codes, which can be found under the clear plastic which covers the swage.


Full details of the recall are to be found at:

Wild Country are handling the return process themselves so you should return your Rocks directly to Wild Country, not to us. Wild Country are managing a database of recalled product, and we can not enter your data into it for you, it has to be done by the end user themselves.

Just follow the link above, where you will be able to enter the necessary information and print out your returns label. Wild Country will compensate you for the postage costs by sending you a quickdraw.

Please do check your kit carefully and send them back ASAP - the quicker you can get your kit to them, the sooner they'll get replacements back to you.


Original blog post by Pete Derrett - Additional information added by Richard Hall 

Pete Derrett October 07, 2013 4 tags (show)