Cheapest SuperDry Single Rope on the Market

I am excited to say we will shortly be releasing our own banded climbing rope!

See the product listing and pricing: Cheapest SuperDry Climbing rope on the market

THESE ROPES ARE BEING MADE UP AT THE MOMENT - 1st delivery expected early November. Watch this space.

In an attempt to pay some of the giant forthcoming bill for these we are currently taking pre-orders at a reduced price. Once the stock arrives the price will go up a bit. By pre-ordering you save £5 -£15 depending on length.

We don't have a picture yet, but the rope will be orange with a small white fleck.

This is without question the best value superdry rope on the market at the moment, in fact it would still be exceptional value if it did not have a superdry treatment on it. You are basically buying a good quality, good value single rope - and then getting a superdry treatment on top - for free.

Don't worry Pete and I didn't make them ourselves in my garden shed. These are made in Switzerland by Mammut, a company with over 150 years of rope making experience.

We have designed this as a "do anything" rope.

  • The 30m lengths are perfect for indoor use (admittedly you don't need the dry treatment but, hey, look at the price!)
  • The 50m lengths will be good for people who still want a shortish rope for general outdoor use, perhaps you only climb at short crags or just don't want to lug too much weight around.
  • The 60m lengths are your general purpose UK sport climbing length. With a diameter of 9.8mm they will last well but won't be too bulky and will slide though your belay device nicely. Seeing as these are dry treated they will also be good for winter or alpine use when half ropes are not necessary.
  • The 70 & 80m lengths are your European sport climbing ropes. A lot of French and Spanish crags require at least a 70m rope these days. The 9.8mm diameter is a good "middle weight" for this type of use. They will stand up to some hard doggin, but shouldn't be too heavy for the final redpoint. And afterall, who wants to drag 80m of 10.5mm rope around or spend £200 on a skinny rope they are going to wear out on the first holiday.


Diameter 9.8mm
Weight 64g/m
Sheath Proportion 38%
Number of Falls 9-10
Impact Force 8.8kN
Dynamic Elongation 30%
Static Elongation 6.8%
Sheath Slippage 0mm


See the product listing and pricing: Cheapest SuperDry Climbing rope on the market

Richard Hall September 06, 2013 7 tags (show)