Austri Alpin - We Are Now Stocking a New Range of Budget Screwgates

We have just received a new range of budget screwgates by Austri Alpen.

The price may be low but the quality is certainly not. Unlike most budget screwgates these are not made in the far east but in Austria by a company with huge alpine heritage.

The D-shape "Rockits" are very strong and both dewsigns have keylock noses to reduce snagging. They also both have a nice smooth screw action on the gate, making it easy to quickly lock the biners one handed.

We will be selling the Rockit individually or in packs of 3 or 5, and the HMS individually or in packs of 3. The larger the pack size the lower the price.


Austri Alpen - Rockit Screwgate

Austri Alpen - HMS Screwgate

Richard Hall August 16, 2013 6 tags (show)