Recent Customer Reviews of Climbing Gear

Here is a collection of reviews from customers on products they have recently bought.

I turned off the "auto-publish" option for the website reviews a couple of months ago so the Facebook and Twitter page is no longer being spammed with these reviews as they come in, but I will try to publish them in batches like this every now and again.

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Reviews below with my comments underneath:

DMM Belay Master

By Mat F

questioning the idea? 06/23/2013

Well I questioned the idea, bought one, tried it I'm not looking back. Great idea and works well it does not accidentally open (it physically can't with out some weird set of circumstances) and easy to check its done up. It cant flip this is now my main belay.

On: DMM Belay Master

Yep, the belay master certainly is a great bit of kit. There are loads of other brands making similar products now however, so worth considering some of those as well. The Austri Alpin Ovalock is my favorite. 

Petzl Reverso 4

By Mat F

smooth and strong  06/23/2013

I'm 5'11 and 76kg my wife is 5'2 and just reached 50kg we climb together and have used reverso's a lot i started climbing and use the 2 then when to a black diamond and have now come back to a reverso 4 they are smooth and stop me fast when my wife is belaying I'm really impressed by them.

On: Petzl Reverso 4

The Reverso 3 and 4 really are great belay devices, I have used a 3 since they came out. Possibly only bettered as a trad device by the new Edelrid Mega Jul?

Edelrid Offcuts

By Steve D

Absolute bargain for indoor leading. (and some shorter outdoor routes) 06/20/2013

Got an 30m Hawk 10mm personally. Lovely bit of rope. Non treated i believe but handles very nicely. 

Pretty much if you climb indoors in the Bristol area its a perfect rope/deal. With both the roped centres having walls that are roughly 12-13m max in height its long enough for all those routes, plus theres some crags in the area it'll be long enough for too.

But only 4 stars due to being a tiny bit 'Pot Luck'. (Sorry!)

On: Edelrid - Assorted Offcuts

I'm really pleased people are likeing these offcuts. It's the pot-luck nature that makes these exciting Steve! OK maybe not that exciting, but it is what makes them cheap.

Evolv Geshido

By Steve D

Nice all bouldering/sport shoe..  06/20/2013

..if a bit uncomfortable for the first month!

But they do have a little stretch after being broken in, albeit not much. Personally didn't need to downsize much for these, I'm a 'street shoe' UK 9 and a UK 9 in these as well! (although i do have strange shaped feet) Seem to fit a flat toe profile pretty well.

Slightly 'Aggressive'/down-turned, but not as severe as some other bouldering/sport shoes. Rubber and edges are pretty good, and theres just enough extra rubber on the toe to help with toehooks, and the heel is very stable for heelhooks also. The triple velcro straps are useful for getting a nice tight fit too. Mine have been nice indoors and out.

Obviously this is in my opinion of how they fit me,as usual you should go for a shoe that fits you best rather than brand etc. But credit to Dick here, He is very patient & knows his stuff about fitting Rock shoes!

On: Evolv - Geshido SC (Velcro)

Ahh, thanks Steve, I'm flattered! I don't really know what i'm doing though, I just make it up as I go along

Beal Accessory Cord

Hamish A

Site worked fine; no problems  06/14/2013

Site worked fine; no problems at all. It is easy to use and I would use it again and recommend it. 
Good luck with your business Dick, 

On: Beal Accessory Cord

Not really a product review, but thanks Hamish.

Evolv Elektra

By LilEm

A nice fit  06/13/2013

A good shoe for the beginner and intermidate climber. These shoes have great grip and are good on small holds however polished surfaces need more care. 
If you are aiiming for a tighter fit then don't go smaller than what you are, they're too tight. A great shoe that will last a long time, wear time is very good. I've had mine (from Dick's) since early last year and if you take care of them, they'll last you a while. I'd rate it an 8/10. If I had brought the bigger size this shoe would have been a 9.

On: Evolve - Elektra

I agree, a good all round beginner/improver shoe.

Edelrid Mega Jul

By Harry Bloxham

Super light self locking belay plate  05/30/2013

Easy to belay with and the self locking works well! Slightly more awkward to lower people with than a normal plate but it's not much of an issue, especially for trad. Had a quick play abseiling in self locking mode and seems to work well when you use another crab as a lever. And it's lighter than my ATC-guide!

On: Edelrid - Mega Jul

The best all round trad belay device on the market? I know some people have said they are throwing away their Grigris after getting one of these, but I won't be. While the self locking feature does work I don't feel it is as efficient as a Grigri for "doggin". The can't ask for anything else from a trad belay device however. It does take a bit of getting used to but I would certainly recommend and I am yet to speak to someone who doen't like this.

Tendon Smart

By Kit Rabette

Cheap but disappointing   05/28/2013


I have bought many things from Dick over the last couple of years and I've been very happy with all of it with the exception of this rope.

Although the rope is an entry level rope I expected it to perform reasonably outside. I've been using the rope on and off for about a year and a half now and if I'm honest it is reaching the end of its usability. There is significant sheath damage in several areas even though I have cared for the rope in the usual manner (using a rope bag, not using it for excessive top roping, washing it every 6 months, etc.) 

It is important to mention that apart from this one product I am extremely happy with the shop, and the service/advice that is provided!

On: Tendon - Smart 10mm

While I'm perfectly happy for people to post negative reviews I do think this one is a little unfair Kit. We have already spoken about this but I'll mention it here as well. 1 and a half years is not a bad life expectancy for a sport rope, they generally get a much harder life than trad ropes. When I have been really heavily sport climbing I was going thought 2 good quality ropes a season. I agree this is not the best rope on the market, not by far, but it is certainly not terrible, especially considering the price.

Petzl GriGri 2

By Dave Talbot

Dave Talbot  05/22/2013

The best device to use on single ropes for sport climbing - simple

On: Petzl - Grigri 2

I like how you named the review after yourslef Dave! But yeah, can't beat the GriGri as a sport belay device.

Foin Steel Screwgate

By Tempest S

Foin - 10mm Oval Steel S/G Krab  05/22/2013

Great service, posted quickly and kept informed throughout. 
Good product at a very reasonable price - will recommend.

On: Foin - 10mm Oval Steel S/G Krab

Again not so much a product review, but I'm glad you were happy with the service, we do our best!

Tendon Smart

By Jenny

60m rope  05/21/2013

Very pleased with my rope, like using it. If you want a down side, it slips off the rocks! Comfortable to use and easy to belay with.

On: Tendon - Smart 10mm

See Kit, some people like this rope! ;)

Petzl Elios Helmet

By Seb L


Easy to adjust for a reassuring fit, lightweight, non-obtrusive and very comfortable even after long climbing sessions. Good value for money, would absolutely recommend.

On: Petzl Elios Helmet

Can't go wrong with this helmet really. There is a new version this season but it is effectively the same helmet that has been around for years. Petzl are very good at helemets and seem to fit more people than any other brand.

Petzl Trac Pulley

By Jerry B

Good service. Reliable product.  05/16/2013

AS above

On: Petzl - Trac Pulley

Short but sweet, thanks. Jerry has been buying these off me for years now. Speak in another 6 months Jerry!

Grivel Crampon Bag

By Peter I

Crispy bag  05/14/2013

A really nice looking bag for handy storing of crampons. The only downside is that it's very soft tissue, so the spikes might penetrate the fabric if you're not careful.

On: Grivel - Crampon Bag

Loads of crampon bags are constructed this way. I supose it is a trad-off between effectivness and weight. A truly crampon proof bag would have to weight about 1kg!

DMM Clipper Leashes

By Peter I

DMM Clipper leash  05/03/2013

Quite sturdy leashes. Unfortunately, I haven't tried them fully yet, so the top rating goes for Dick's excellent customer service! Thumbs up!

On: DMM clipper leash (pair) HALF PRICE

Glad you are happy with the serive Peter. Hope your leashes see some action when things get cold again.

Evolv Royale

By Katherine Sydney

Evolv Royale shoes  05/01/2013

I have Evolv-shaped feet (fairly narrow, pointy-toed UK5.5) and generally use Electras (UK4) for bouldering, Rockstars (UK5) for single pitch, and Royales (UK6) for multipitch. I initially joked that I had bought orthopaedic shoes as the Royales are stiff and lack sensitivity, but they've surprised me. They're absolutely fine up to HVS on most rock and I've found them comfortable all day on very (very) long mountain days. Their adjustability means they would probably fit a range of foot shapes; but they are, as you would expect, pretty useless on little edges: they're definitely not for climbing hard in. However, for a beginner or for long multipitch days, they're good value.

On: Evolv - Royale

Absolutely agree. They are very comfortable but clearly are not for hard climbing. Perfect for getting started or for long routes howver.

Climbing Technology Alpine Up

By Dave T

Climbing Technology - Alpine Up  05/01/2013

This is one of the most versatile belay plates on the market. It does everything think you want from auto-locking on twin ropes down to 7.7, to standard belaying with a 10.5. You can use it in guide mode and unlock it easily when locked. This is a great device for the climbing instructor working and keen climbers who wants a belay plate that can do everything. The only draw back is the weight but then again it does do everything.......

On: Climbing Technology - Alpine Up (Set)

I'm going to have to bow to Dave's superior knowledge on this one as I haven't used this other than experimenting in the shop. It is the only belay device of its type on the market however and probably better for those with little experience than the Edelrid Mega Jul, so perfect for Dave's use (instructing). I have heard that they are a bit awkward for abseiling however.

La Sportiva Miura Velcro

By N.R

sport climbing shoe  04/24/2013

I bought these when my Mythos wore out, with the intention of using them as a more technical all-round shoe. That hasn't quite worked out, and I bought another pair of Mythos for most trad routes. Still the Miuras have performed excellently for sport climbing and bouldering, and I'm now starting to put them on for shorter, harder trad routes too. The visible sharp edge has worn down but I haven't noticed a drop in performance (if anything they've improved). Despite the non-stretch lining, they have evolved to my foot shape (or my foot has moulded to the shoe!) over the first month or so and are now a very comfortable shoe

On: La Sportiva - Miura Velcro

Certainly a really popular shoe. They are certainly not for plodding up easy trad routes however, it's sounds like you have worked that out though!

Petzl Meteor III+

By N.R

Hardly there  04/24/2013

I was a bit reluctant to spend ~£80 on a helmet, but since both my climbing and cycling helmets needed replacing I went for it. I'm glad I did - it's cool and light and I barely notice it's there when I'm climbing. It's a small thing, but I also like being able to cycle to the crag and not have to swap helmets! The only possible negative is the price. I haven't actually tested it against any big rocks yet (and I hope I don't have to) but it's deflected plenty of ice this winter...

On: Petzl - Meteor III+

When Nick wrote this review the price on the website for this helmet was wrong. The website was only a few weeks old and there were still a few teething problems. Nick was charged the correct price however. Other than that I completely agree with Nick's review, I have one of these myself and absolutely love it. I really couldn't go back to wearing a heavy plastic helmet.
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