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100 New Pegs for the Avon Gorge

I have just received the next batch of pegs for use in the Avon Gorge, 100 Austri Alpin blades and angles.

This really will make a massive difference to loads of ageing routes in the gorge and will give people an incentive to get on routes they might not otherwise have touched.

This would of course not have been possible with out the donations you have all been making, so please do keep them coming, there is still a long way to go.

We also owe a massive debt of gratitude to Rick at Beyond Hope (UK distributors of Metolius, Evolv, Prana and Austri AlpinI). He shipped these in for us from Europe and supplied them to us at his cost price. As a result our money has gone almost twice as far as it otherwise would have done.

Finally a great big thank you to the volunteers who have been smashing in the pegs so far. Re-pegging the whole gorge really is a mammoth task, these 100 pegs alone represent a huge amount of hammer time.

All donations really are appreciated and every single penny of the donation you make goes directly to buying new equipment. You can donate online, in my shop, at Taunton Leisure or at UCR.



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