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Full Online Stock Visibility

It's finished!

After literally months of coding it from scratch I have finally finished the stock reporting widget for the website. (edit: That is months on and off - I have been doing other stuff!)

You now have full visibility of what we have in stock, now many of each item we have and estimated lead times for out of stock items.

Click though to a couple of the product pages for a closer look.

And don't forget this site only shows the climbing products, for rope access or industrial products check our Rope Access Equipment site.

Now back to the more important job of making sure as much as possible remains in stock!


For Other Shopify Merchants

As far as I am aware there is no current off the shelf stock visibility module available for Shopify. If you want to use mine I will happily sell you the code for £100 + VAT (VAT is not chargeable if you are outside the EU). I'll shortly be writing a more technical blog post on the module detailing all it's features, however if you are interested in the meantime please get in touch.

Edit: You can now buy the widget here.

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