Time to brighten your rack!

Time to brighten up your quickdraws and rack!

There's a perpetual battle between Dick and I at the shop here about colour coding and matching. I myself prefer my kit colour co-ordinated, my shoes matching my harness, matching my quickdraws. Dick on the other hand is more lackadaisical about such things, some might say more sagacious ...

Regardless we've both decided that DMM's coloured range of Sports Draws are well worth keeping in store, as they're both vibrant, cool looking and easily recognisable as your own - well now they are, before everyone grabs a set. If you want to check out the options have a look here:


Aero's are DMM's workhorse Sport draw, cheap and durable they're a great option to get a good selection together, they're the green ones. 

Coming in vibrant purple are Shadows, with their I-beam construction these lighten the weight considerably but are still super durable thanks to the clever hot-forged design leaving plenty of metal in the mission critical locations.

Final the crème de la crème, Alpha Sports in striking red. These are the best of the best when it comes to DMM (and possible all manufacturers), they're ergonomic with their bent back bars, the added texture aid handling and the lovely wide tapes are great to grab at times of need. As I said you'll struggle to find a better quickdraw for bolt clipping.

You can also buy the 'biners on their own or in options of one, three or five if you fancy retro fitting them to your present 'draws, just search for Aero, Shadow or Alpha respectively.

If you're a Trad climber, don't worry we've not left you out we've got our ridiculously popular orange Phantom screw gates available to lighten the load on your rack and ensure that there's not the frequent end of day discussions over who's DMM Screwgate is who's. Available in packs of three and five, they're as cheap as £9 if you buy a few.


All in all, no excuse not to colour code (if you think like me) or just brighten up your rack (if you think like Dick)!


P.S. If you prefer your rack monochrome we have the perfect snapgates for you - DMM Phantoms in Black with packs of 5 for £25 that's just £5 a 'biner compared to RRP of £8!