Special Edition bits and bobs!

To celebrate our recent collaborations with Mammut and DMM on our own special edition ropes and karabiners, we've put together this special bundle.


The rope is an orange treated Mammut rope, 60m and 9.8mm. The PROTECT treatment is what was formally referred to as SuperDRY and means they're a great option for alpine or water ice routes where a single rope may be preferable. Middle marked and lovely to handle, these really are great.

Coupled with the orange rope is an equally orange DMM Phantom 'biner, the most handleable super lightweight locking 'biner around. There's a reason we've sold so many of the standard, grey version of this 'biner they're simply great. The Dick's Special edition version improves them even more with a vivid orange finish and red gate to contrast and even more importantly they're laser etched with DICK'S CLIMBING across the back bar!

So yep to summarise, a fantastic treated single rope with a FREE special edition Phantom, arguably the best locking 'biner on the market!


Pete Derrett August 19, 2015