Last bits of cheap, clearance stock!

So when we moved shop we found a few old models of kit, and decided to get the last bit of clothing. 

A few months on it's still here, waiting to go - have a look through the list below and if there's anything you like the look of, pop in to the shop and pick up a bargain and help us clear the unsightly plastic tubs from next to the window!



  • Five Ten Anasazi Verde UK5.5 and UK10 The ever popular but now discontinued Green Anasazi
    • La Sportiva Miura Lace-up EU38 
    • Evolv Elektra UK3 and UK3.5



        • DMM Maverick SMALL and LARGE. Really nice harness perfect for UK trad due to seven large gear loops. only downside to some people is the lack of adjustable leg loops, these days one of my harnesses has adjustable leg loops, two of them don't and I really don't mind either way. For the price, I wouldn't be too fussed!
        • DMM Viper SMALL. Nice, durable harness with 5 large gear loops and adjustable leg loops
        • DMM Puma SMALL. Woman specific with seven gear loops and adjustable leg loops


          • Wild Country Elite Ziplock MEDIUM. Former top of range Men's fully adjustable harness. 
          • Wild Country Vision Ziplock LARGE. Popular non-adjustable legloops unisex harness


            • Petzl Adjama LARGE. Older version of their top of the range harness with fully adjustable legloops and very nice, well ventilated material.
            • Petzl Luna LARGE. Woman specific version of the Adjama.


              • Edelrid Jay LARGE. Quality four gear loop, adjustable legloop harness.
              • Edelrid Lilou MEDIUM. Peculiar removable gear loop harness, perfect as an indoor Sports harness but risky as an outdoor Trad harness due to the tendency of the gear loops to fall off ...



                • Moon Asp Trouser LARGE. 
                • Moon Cypher Trousers SMALL (3 pairs available)
                •  Prana Mojo Shorts SMALL (3 pairs available)



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