New DMM climbing gear in the shop

We've started to stock a load more DMM stuff this month, we've had a huge amount of soft goods and hardware arrive including their new range of bags; the Pitcher and the Flight, as well as a range of coloured Chalkbags. 

DMM - Pitcher Rope Bag

First up is the Pitcher rope bag, a clever bag capable of swallowing 80m of single rope or a pair of 60m half ropes. It's circular rope tarp is attached all the way around the rim of the bag, meaning you can pick the whole thing up by the tarp and the rope will drop neatly into the bag. The rucksack straps are removable so you can change it into a simple stash bag if you prefer.

All this and it's one of the cheapest rope bags on the market. We are selling it for only £22.50.

DMM - Flight Bag

The next bag of interest is DMM's Flight Bag. It is both an aeroplane carry on bag carry on bag and a sport cragging bag once you get to your destination. It's clever design means that a day's Sport's Climbing kit can be carried inside comfortably and more importantly accessibly due to the wide opening design and assorted tough, mesh pockets inside. 80m rope, shoes, chalk bag, quickdraws, sandwiches and the like will all fit with room to spare. Curiously grey seems to be the colour of choice at present.

DMM - Phantoms

An old favourite that we've decided to get back on the shelves after a bit of an absence. Smaller than would be described as 'full-sized', they are still perfectly manageble and more importantly ultra lightweight. For shearing grams and ultimately kilos off of rack weight these are great, we've got indivdual colours and packs of five perfect for colour-coding cam 'biners, along with quickdraws in 12cm, 18cm and 25cm lengths. There is also available a five-pack consisting of 1 short, 1 long and 3 medium lengths.


DMM - Protection Pack

Finally don't forget the fantastic DMM Protection Packs which continue to fly off the shelves. At £135 for a full set of Wallnuts, full set of Torque Nuts and a full set of anodized Offset nuts it's a great deal for starting a Trad rack or supplementing sets of wires that you might already have. If we're lucky we might have a decent winter and get to hammer in those indispenible Torque nuts into the some Scottish Winter climbs!

Dick Hall September 02, 2014