Free Helmets and Cheap Static Rope

Got a couple of great deals to announce today.....


Buy a Mammut rope of any length longer than 30m and get a FREE helmet.

Please note: The free helmets have now all gone.

Pretty simple that one really, no rules or regulations, buy a rope (this includes our own branded rope) and get a free one of these:

These come in 2 sizes, small for little heads and large for big heads. The small one is yellow and the large one is green.

We'll send these out with internet orders as well, just remember to put which size you need in the order notes, otherwise you'll get whichever we have most of!



It's Pembroke Season!

So who needs a really cheap abseil rope?

We've got a spare 200m drum of 11mm static which we are going to cut into 3 x 65m abseil ropes. Only £75 each!

Pop in or get in touch if you want one of these. I might even do it a bit cheaper if you want all 200m.