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New Bigger Shop, Opening Soon

I mentioned on Facebook/Twitter a month or so ago that I would be moving shops shortly.

Well work is well underway and and the move should be completed sometime in early May. Their will be no interruption to normal service, all the stock will be moved on a Sunday so we'll be open as usual at the current location on the Saturday, there will then be a desperate rush to get moved in time to reopen on the following Monday morning.

The new shop is a 1 minute walk from the current one. From the current place you walk back towards town and turn left at the lights. The new shop is just there on your left. Map here.

Here are a few photos of what we have done so far:

Anais (my wife), painting in her pajamas.


Painting finished.


Carpet down.


First wood delivery.


Turns out this was no where near enough...


Shelves and counter installed.  Some of these photos are not the best, the place is not as dark as it looks, although I will probably have another strip light installed.


Before John Corber gets involved....


And after!


What will be the biggest hardware wall in the south of the country (I'm guessing?!).


Enough shelf space for 1,500+ pairs of shoes. Shame I can't afford to buy 1,500 pairs!


View from the counter.


Another view from the counter.


Office. I'm trying to convert the world to the "two monitor" approach. The world isn't listening.


Stock / packing room. As you can see, very much a work in progress.

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