Dick's Climbing Super Spring SALE!!!

Dick's Climbing Super Spring SALE!!!

Okay, so superlatives aside, it's time to snap up some bargains here at Dick's Climbing!

We're looking to clear out some room to get more exciting things into the shop, as such look here to get a great deal - Dick's Climbing Spring Sale!

You find a host of offers but some standout offers include:

Heavily discounted first Generation DMM Dragon cams. I personally own a full set of these and will testify both to their ease of use, the benefits of extendable slings and most importantly their ability to bring a falling body to rest! 

Technical ice tools at a great prices. Since it's sadly no longer winter, we're shifting our technical tools out, meaning Nomics, Quarks and Apex cheap. Again I will testify to how amazing Nomics are having just swung mine around in anger. If you get in there quick, you can have them for a few final blasts up to Scotland perhaps.

What else is there? Plenty of shoe models from super comfortable starter shoes through to Evolv Shamans at the high end, down-turned end.

Have a nose and see what tickles your fancy!